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Ashdown MAG410T [improved]

-Added 2ºorder crossover (no photos of the new filter yet)


Fender Blacktop Precision Bass [improved]

I like Fender Precision Bass sound, and i looked for PBasses but there are too much expensive to me, but i found the new  Fender Blacktop Precision Bass a little bit more cheaper than PBass with a seductive setting (2 humbuckers, and i can change neck pickup to PBass pickup).
I bough this bass from ebay seller at very good price with a kit of PBass pickups, so, is time to DIY.



MusicMan Stingray 4 [repair] [improved]


-Fixed Potentiometers 



Tube Screamer Clone [DIY]

-tubescreamer improved with "boost" mode.


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