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This is the second LCD BOOSTERPACK version (see LCD BOOSTERPACK V1 ) wich overcomes all drawbacks of first version and other common LCD problems:
LCD BOOSTERPACK V1 consisted in a 3.2" LCD screen with SSD1289 driver connected through a 16bit parallel / 4bit control bus to theTexas Instruments Stellaris / Tiva Microcontroller. Also, LCD module had analog bus (x+, x-, y+, y-) resistive touch panel which forced MCU to process the data. This solution was compatible with any MCU (using TI Graphics library if TI MCU is used or writing a library to do SSD1289 driver) able to havethis amount free parallel bits. Because this reason the amount of microcontrollers capable of handling this were limited.

This latest version of LCD BOOSTERPACK ( V2 ) is compatible with parallel control (like V1) and adds high speed hardware accelerated serial interface ( EHA ) control through only 4 bits. Also, digitizer and backlight has I2C control.

Because high speed serial control and to improve noise rejection a LDO was used together improved PCB design.

·LCD:    3.2" TFT 16bit color + touch
·CPLD:    XC9572XL
·Digitizer driver: TSC2007
·LCD driver:   SSD1289 
·Backlight driver:  TCA6507
·LDO:    AMS1117

Compatible with any MCU: Stellaris / Tiva / c2000, MSP430, hercules launchpad, raspberry pi, arduino, beaglebone black, PIC...

LCDBPV2 is totally compatible with Texas Instruments Graphics Library and all of his examples. Only is needed to change the LCD driver with mine, get it in the latest example code.

Color distribution:

The color map using LCDBPV2 is as follows: 5 bits for blue, 6 bits for green, and 5 bits for red. Then depending on the programming you can use another color map to work and eventually convert it before send to LCDBPV2.

For example, library for Tiva Launchpad convert 24 bits color to 16 with this macro:

#define DPYCOLORTRANSLATE(c) ((((c) & 0x00f80000) >> 8) | (((c) & 0x0000fc00) >> 5) |(((c) & 0x000000f8) >> 3))

Color distribution





Downside are Rev.A and Rev.B. schematics. These revisions are basicaly the same with minor changes related to easiness build.



LCDBPV2 Subforum: go

General topics:

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You can found API documentation here.


LCDBPV2 can be used in serial or parallel mode. Tiva launchapad have enough horsepower to drive directly in parallel mode, but many other basic microcontrollers or even powerfull microcontroller but with less free pins have to use serial mode (with EHA protocol).

LCDBPV2 revA, revB
To select communication mode "SEL_MODE" jumper is used:
·Jumper UP ("s4" in silkscreen) is selected SERIAL mode.
·Jumper DOWN ("s6" in silkscreen) is selected PARALLEL mode.

To select communication mode simply use switch S1 between serial mode "S" and "P" parallel mode.


Because TI microprocessors uses the same Code composer Studio framework, all drivers are unified, check: Code composer studio configuration for TI microprocessors.


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Improvements ideas for new revisions & versions of LCDBP

Hi LCDBP users! I would like to get ideas for further LCDBP improvements.
For example I will include in the next releases:
·built in touch calibration
·built in vibration control

Please go to support section and submit your improvement idea. Thanks!




Package contents:
-1x resistive pen
-1x LCDBPV2 Store
 I sell on Tindie