Low-Cost, Flexible Voltage Supervisor and Battery Tester Reference Design:

PurePath Wireless audio:

Wireless Microphone Solution:

A little bit of knowledge:

Replace lansaloy surrounds: linklinklinklink,
Old lansaloy effects: link
What is aquaplas: link , linklinklink
Fake 2245: link
jbl 2121: link
Recone 2121s: link,  
Refoam 2121 (foam, not lansaloy): link
Refoam kit (2x): linklinklink
Pictures: link,  
About jbl 4341: link
JBL4343 restoration: link

Chromecast audio. hi res audio: link
Plex for chromecast audio: link

Wireless profiles windows 10: link

Seting up an ultimate media server with Windows: link

Plex for android apk: link

LUFA: link

Decoupling electronic signals: link, link,
Why decoupling is neccesarry: link,
Ferrite beads: link

Xilinx time constraints: link,  link, link, link,   


How SPDIF works: link , link

other: link, link, link

minidsp: link
SPI to I2S hack: link

Audio playback/record: link

About isolators: link, link(i2s) link, link, link, link

I2S specification: link,  

Grounding: link

noise in LCDs: link

Aliexpress i2c isolator: ADUM1250

Aliexpress LDO low noise  LT1963, LT1763CS8-1.8

LDOs review: link

VHDL optimize: link