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About Library:

Arduino LCDBPV2 library has been made with one main goals: speed. This principle causes another inconvenients such as malfunction of the device if user has been coded wrong. For example, if i try to draw a line with y coordenate largest than 240 pixels, I will get an malfunction of screen. Checks can easily been put, but  they consumes processing time and if code has been encoded well are not necessary.


Select Arduino Flavour:

Open LCDBPV2.h header library file (Arduino folder/libraries/LCDBPV2/LCDBPV2.h), and go to 23 line. Uncoment the right option and comment the other.
You can choose between "AMEGA2560", "DUE" and "UNO".




INT pin can be connected directly to Arduino in some cases, but is recommended to use RC filter of 100nF and 10Kohm to avoid rebounds. Rebounds tipicaly takes place on touch screens, but a lot of microcontrollers can handle and block interrupts keeping proper operation.Arduino doesn't.
For this reason low pass RC filter is recommended.

Arduino UNOArduino Mega 2560Arduino DUELCDBPV2 NameI/O
Digital pin 2 Digital pin 2 Digital pin 51 INT input
Digital pin 3 Digital pin 23 Digital pin 50 CS output
Digital pin 4 Digital pin 24 Digital pin 48 CLK output
Digital pin 5 Digital pin 25 Digital pin 46 D0 output
Digital pin 6 Digital pin 26 Digital pin 44 D1 output
Analog pin A5 Digital pin 21 Digital pin 21 SCL in/output
Analog pin A4 Digital pin 20 Digital pin 20 SDA in/output


Latest library build with Arduino IDE 1.6.0

Library & examples 190215 PDF Reference



Older releases:
Library & examples 190215
Library & examples 020115
Library & examples 070814





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