LCDBPV2 meet haptics

Today I release a new add-on feature for next LCDBPV2 orders (after 17 february 2014): haptics! 
As you can see in the middle of the PCB, there is a vibration engine called "Flat Button Type Micro Vibrator Motor" connected to HDR_F 30 (F4 pin of the Stellaris / Tiva Launchpad board). 
This Vibrator is a Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) Vibration Motor, an improvement in front of Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) vibration motor because power efficiency and flexibility in his control (short lenght pulses, different waveforms...).
The actual connection between LRA and boosterpack is not the most efficient because LRA needs to work at resonant frecuency to consume less power, but works well (Maybe incoming LCDBP versions includes chip or something to improve this aspect). 
If your LCDBPV2 is prior to 17 feb dont worry, you can buy this item from ebay
You can see more usefull information in the links bellow.