howto... LCDBPV2 on Stellaris & Tiva Launchpad


About library:

First of all, take a look on the datasheet (Stellaris and Tiva launchpads are equivalent):

-Tiva Launchpad Datasheet

As you can see, on both Stellaris and Tiva Lanchpad, PD0 and PB6 are joined through R9 0ohm resistor and PD1 and PB7 are joined through R10 0ohm resistor. For proper operation you need to unsolder R9 and R10 (see the last entry in this forum thread to get more information).
PD0, PD1, PB7, PB6 are pins used by parallel mode, so, for serial isn't need to unsolder, but anyway, this resistors dont allow to use all pins therefore is better to remove this.

To use LCDBPV2 with Stellaris or Tiva Launchpad, you can start with latest example code provided. Import it into your Code Composer Studio workspace.


Because TI microprocessors uses the same Code composer Studio framework, all drivers are unified, check: Code composer studio configuration for TI microprocessors.



Code composer studio configuration for TI microprocessors


Code 020815


Program with bin code:

Bin code is located in the "Debug" folder of the workspace project. To program Tiva Launchpad with binary file you need to download LMFlash Programmer.
Connect USB cable in the "Debug" connector and run LMFlash Programmer. 
In "Configuration" tab and "Quick Set" section, select "TM4C123G LaunchPad".

In "Program" tab and "Select .bin file" click "Browse" and loof for your binary file.
Because unexpected MCU states can throws exceptions, check "Reset MCU After Program" is needed.

Now, click "Program" button at the bottom of the page. If everything is ok, "Program Complete - xxxxxx Bytes Programmed" should be at bottom. 

Also is possible to program and debug MCU outside launchpad board but with his debugger side.This application note discusses about that.



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