eGPU is the new revision of LCDBP (formerly LCDBPV2).

This revision has a lot of hardware modifications and improvements to acheve better response, less software footprint and helps the microcontroller avoiding the need to filter interruptions and send data in real time. 

-Hardware acceleration of graphic functions.
-Data compression
-ERM vibrator motor
-IRQ filter
-Touch modes: persistence, normal

Known bugs:

-Backlight dimming: hardware issue.
-Touch ipcore, z axis: fpga issue


Software / libraries things to-do:

-optimyze CharDraw algorithm
-setWindow replace with API
-adjust fpga/library touch treshold
-Test ERM vibrator


eGPU is almost entirely compatible with LCDBPV2, so they can share documentation.

This is the main user guide: link.
This is the API documentation that defines the comunication with FPGA: link.
This is the Arduino HowTo: link.

Download link for Arduino libraries: eGPU 1.0 arduino